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Touch It Rikka - The Fun and Safe Dating App for GamersTouch It Rikka is an android dating application that offers an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive chat system for easy communication be

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4.9 ( 340 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Touch It Rikka
Publisher dong134
Genre Games
Size 10M
Version 1.4.6
Touch It Rikka is the most famous version in the Touch It Rikka series of publisher dong134
Mod Version 1.4.6
January 7, 2024

Touch It Rikka – The Fun and Safe Dating App for Gamers

Touch It Rikka is an android dating application that offers an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive chat system for easy communication between players during gameplay.

Personalization is key when it comes to online dating, and Touch It Rikka APK delivers a wide array of avatar options to choose from. You can customize your avatar to look like yourself or create a completely different person or creature altogether, adding an element of personalization to the gaming experience that many other dating apps lack.

Touch it RIKKA is Addictive Game to Help You Relax

Today we share the best addictive game for mobile gaming lovers Touch it RIKKA, the viral game from developer Mave Games that has taken Indonesia by storm.

If you’re familiar with Tiktok’s FYP (For You Page), then you know that Touch it RIKKA Apk is one of the hottest games on the platform. But it’s not just limited to Tiktok – this game has also gained popularity on other social media channels like YouTube and Instagram.

What is Touch It Rikka APK?

Touch It Rikka APK is a dating game developed for adults and teenagers. Originally designed to appeal to young adults, this game is now gaining popularity on social media platforms, especially TikTok. It’s a game that combines dating and gaming elements, allowing users to enjoy an interactive and engaging experience.

Who is Rikka?

Touch It Rikka Mod APK

Firstly, let’s talk about Rikka. She’s a caring lady who works with dementia patients in Utah and values her friendships deeply. However, she also has a wild side, which includes sneaking out of school for sex, without caring about what her friends might think. This is the inspiration behind the Touch It Rikka APK game.

Features of Touch It Rikka Mod Apk Latest version 2023

Touch It Rikka mod apk is here to offer you an amazing gaming experience with its exciting features that will leave you glued to your screen. Get ready to embark on an adventure of love and excitement with the Touch It Rikka mod apk game.

Unlimited Money – A Game Changer!

With Touch It Rikka mod apk, you have access to unlimited money, giving you the ability to purchase various items that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Enjoy the Unlimited feature in Touch It Rikka mod apk version, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have full control over your game.

No Ads, No Distractions

Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads that interrupt your gaming experience. Touch It Rikka mod apk comes with a no-ads feature, ensuring you have an uninterrupted game session. You can enjoy playing without any disturbance, which adds to the excitement and overall enjoyment of the game.

Small Game Size, Big Fun

The Touch It Rikka mod apk game has an incredibly small size, which means you can easily download, install, and play it on your device without any hassle. The small size of the game is a great feature for players having limited storage space on their devices. You can play the game smoothly even on cheap cell phones without any lagging or interruption.

Attractive Graphics, Sensational Gameplay

The graphics of Touch It Rikka mod apk are anime-style, which is sure to appeal to players who love Japanese content. The beautiful and sexy appearance of the character Rikka adds to the overall charm of the game. With Touch It Rikka mod apk, you get an attractive graphic display that will keep you hooked for hours.

Easy to Play, Perfect for Killing Time

The straightforward narrative of Rikka’s game makes it ideal for those looking for an engaging way to spend their downtime. You won’t need to exert much mental effort to play because the gameplay is simple to understand. With its engaging narrative, Touch It Rikka mod apk keeps you entertained and helps you forget about boredom.

Get Full Control, Be in Charge

Another exciting feature of Touch It Rikka apk is that you have full control over Rikka. You have full access to rikka, do what you want with the character. It means you can get ultimate control and power to create your own adventure in the game.

Offline Gaming, Unlimited Fun

The Touch It Rikka mod apk game can also be played offline, which is an added advantage for players who don’t have a stable internet connection. You can save more internet quota by playing offline and still enjoy the game’s excitement and thrill.

The Best Part of Touch it Rikka App

Touch It Rikka provides a pure dating experience without any annoying ads popping up here and there throughout the screen whenever you use the app. It’s all about the connection between two individuals interested in taking things further outside our borders into something larger than just communication over chat but rather becoming acquaintances first before gradually moving towards entering into friendships later down the line.

So what are you waiting for? Download Touch It Rikka APK and start your gaming dating journey today!

One of the top reasons for its popularity is because of its gameplay. The game receives even more attention as more people download and play it. Furthermore, the game uses little storage space on your smartphone, making it simple to access and practical to play.

So what makes Touch it RIKKA so special?

One of the best features of Touch it Rikka download is that it is a lightweight game that consumes less space on your mobile and secondly, it can be installed easily on any android and iOS device. You can Meet Rikka, a kind-hearted and helpful girl as a leading character.

Touch It Rikka Guide MOD APK

Rikka is on a mission to help her friend Yuta suffered from amnesia. she also helps strangers along the way. And despite her selflessness, Rikka still manages to find time for herself and her own personal pursuits.

But don’t be fooled by Rikka’s kind demeanor – Touch it RIKKA Apk does have some elements that may not be suitable for very young children. It is only for 18+.

Overall, Touch it RIKKA Apk is a great way to unwind and have some fun in the digital age.

Download Touch It Rikka for Android

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Touch It Rikka Unlock

How to Play Touch it Rikka

Touch It Rikka APK is a straightforward interactive puzzle game, yet it’s incredibly engaging and necessitates concentration and problem-solving abilities from players. To play Touch It Rikka APK, follow these steps:

– Players will view an image that is broken up into several pieces in the game.
– To create a full image, the player must organize the various components of the image.
– Players must swipe through the screen to move elements as they need to be arranged.
– To make it easier for players to assemble the pieces of the picture, the components may be flipped and rotated.
– In order to rapidly and precisely assemble the components, players must be focused and possess the necessary problem-solving abilities.
– After finishing, the player will be assessed and


Overall, Touch It Rikka APK is a fantastic game that we highly recommend. Every mobile player should play it because of its distinctive fusion of simulation and adventure gameplay, endearing aesthetics, and compelling plot. You need to go no further than Rikka APK if you’re seeking for a game that provides a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Touch It Rikka Safe for Kids?

No. since it is a grown-up game for 18 years of age. A few dresses, developments of the person, and frightfulness highlights are not reasonable for youngsters.

Can I Play the Touch It Rikka game for free?

Indeed, this game is allowed to be free to play the game.

May I download Touch It Rikka on PC?

Numerous games can be played on pc same as Touch Rikka Mod APK. You need an emulator to run APk on PC. Download the emulator first then, at that point import apk document on the emulator and snap-on introduce.

4.4/5 - (58 votes)

Download (10M)

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