Maria Averina Game

Maria Averina Game Apk v1.0.1 (MOD Latest Version)

Maria Averina - Mariaaverinams Game: Hello, friend, we bring a new masterpiece Mariaaverinams game for ios and Android for You. If you tried Poke Abby apk then you must try this one. It is a similar g

Android Android Action
( 667 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Maria averina Game
Publisher SD
Genre Action
Size 12.75M
Version 1.0.1
Maria averina Game is the most famous version in the Maria averina Game series of publisher SD
Mod Version 1.0.1
Total installs 100,000,000+
December 31, 2023

Maria Averina – Mariaaverinams Game: Hello, friend, we bring a new masterpiece Mariaaverinams game for ios and Android for You. If you tried Poke Abby apk then you must try this one. It is a similar game to Poke Abby apk Mod that gives you full entertainment on your device. Here we share the Maria averina game modded version with you with unlocked premium features for free.

Mariaaverinams Game Poke Abby

You can enjoy the game maria averina apk mod to unlock all features on android without completing any level. Today we are going to take a look at everything about this game and how you can download and install it on Android

About Maria averina game

Maria averina ms Game APK is specially designed for a player to be connected with social networks and online marketplace to get a better gaming experience. you will enjoy professional gaming through entertainment design, visual effects, and video game industries. With its social network connectivity features or tools, these individuals connect, share, and learn from each other. Mariaaverinams APK game provides a rich and dynamic community experience

Maria Averina Game Apk

Mariaaverinams Game App is available for both ios and Android devices. You get full access to the ArtStation community through both Android and ios Mobiles. This app is only available on you can download Mariaaverinams game Mod APK from here.

What is the Maria averina APK?

Maria averina APK, also known as Poke Abby APK (Pocket Abby), is a 3D action and simulation game from publisher Oxo Potion. This game already has a PC version, but this app is only for Android devices. You will play this game as a ghost who is always curious and trapped in potions class at this school. With Poke Abby APK you can enjoy an ancient magical world with a unique culture. Even though this game is simple and accessible, it still gets a lot of attention from players. Customization options are also available.

What are the outstanding features of the Maria Averinam APK?

This game is so beautiful that it will immerse you in a magical world with beautiful and interesting features all day long. Also, female student Abby, a beautiful and innocent girl, is waiting for you to make friends and get to know her. Keep exploring!

New playing experience

Pocket Abby APK provides a step-by-step guide on how to play the game and complete tasks, making the gaming experience easier. However, you can do whatever you want – smash shelves, throw books off desks, even shoot classmates!

Mariaaverinams Game Mod Poke Abby

Your job is to mentor other students in class, just like Abby. But he doesn’t seem to hear you. She has a beautiful appearance. Tease him, touch him and make him happy. Abby will be very close if you touch her gently. Don’t get rid of it like a fluffy cat. You never know what Abby will do to you.

Free to use

Absolutely free. The fact that this game is free is one of the many great things about it. You don’t have to pay anything to play or download games. Easy to use

Easy to launch the application

Using this program for the first time should not cause any difficulties. Thanks to its app-based design, it is accessible to anyone who wants to use it. better to use


After downloading and installing the program, a large number of users are increasingly concerned about the security of their personal information. This app has no flaws.


Maria averina Game MOD APK Portable Game is very similar to the definitive workspace gadget game. In this game, you take on the role of a ghost who lets Abby run around in the potions class while there are various substitutes in the Great Hall. The whole game takes place in Autumnhearth College, where only gifted beings study and learn about their powers.

Since you’re the main character of Autumnhearth College, it’s your job to make sure everyone goes where they need to go. So to find Abby in action, you take the Potions class and, surprisingly, you can do anything with her. Also, Abby likes unusual things, so she’d appreciate your insight with her.

Maria averina Mod APK

Before Abby came to Potions class, you could adjust her appearance according to your needs. Various channels are available in the game to make the Mariaaverinams game look like what you need. When you’re ready and Abby shows up for Potions class, you can scare her, poke her, rub her, or even strip her as much as you need.

The main objective of the game is to find the best place that Abby likes to connect with. Assuming you rub/poke him in some unacceptable places that he can escape, it’s over for you. However, if you do everything necessary and Abby participates in your touch, she can welcome you to her real activity workspace and you’ll get more privacy with her.

How to download the game Maria averina

You should use the download link given below to get the Maria averina game setup notes. Once you have the APK document, you can start launching this game on your Android device. The main requirement here is that your Android has 2GB of RAM and runs on Android OS 5.0 or higher.

– Download the Maria averina Game APK document and save it to your gadget.
– Enable the “unknown sources” setting in security menu.
– Click on the Mariaaverinams Game ios APK entry and tap on the install option.
– Trust documents to complete execution interactions.
– You can currently use Poke Abby’s alternative game route from the home screen to start the game.

Download Mariaaverinam No Verification (Poke Abby Android APK)

Unlimited WiFi Access Mariaaverinams Game apk without verification Users can play games online with friends or compete alone and access unlimited internet. Many players appreciate this feature because it allows continuous play. The app also features a fictional in-game economic system that allows users to purchase items with in-game money, such as B. Poke Dollars and Poke Coins earned during gameplay. These items can be used to further customize player characters and give them an advantage in in-game combat and trading. Enter the app and unlock all these amazing features.

3.6/5 - (914 votes)

Download (12.75M)

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