Corrupted Kingdoms

Corrupted Kingdoms MOD APK v0.20.6b

Welcome to Another gameplay Corrupted Kingdoms APK for Android. This game is very much similar to Rocking Robin APK and is one of the popular Android games. This game is full of action and based on ba

Android Android NSFW
( 492 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Corrupted Kingdoms
Publisher ArcGames
Genre NSFW
Size 1.27GB
Version 0.20.6b
Corrupted Kingdoms is the most famous version in the Corrupted Kingdoms series of publisher ArcGames
Mod Version 0.20.6b
Total installs 500,000+
Content Rating adult
January 6, 2024

Welcome to Another gameplay Corrupted Kingdoms APK for Android. This game is very much similar to Rocking Robin APK and is one of the popular Android games. This game is full of action and based on battles between various creatures. Choose your favorite monsters and attractive characters to complete the mission.

Corrupted Kingdoms apk, is an exhilarating game that allows you to embrace your inner villain and embark on a quest for dominance over united kingdoms and their political elite. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing gameplay mechanics and alluring features of Corrupted Kingdoms, showcasing why it’s a must-play experience for strategy enthusiasts and fantasy lovers alike.

Corrupted Kingdoms Gameplay

Corrupted Kingdoms MOD APK

The main character of  Corrupted  Kingdoms embarks on a long journey in order to find out the truth about the reason for the expulsion of his parents from the city. On the way, various secrets are revealed to him. For example, he learns that mythical creatures have always lived next to people, and he himself has incredible abilities. The presence of fantastic skills makes the hero very important for both light and dark forces. Players must decide which side the unnamed hero should take.

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Key features of Corrupted kingdoms APK:

– huge world inhabited by various creatures;

– stunning plot based on an epic confrontation between people and fabulous monsters;

– a wide range of abilities and an impressive number of playable characters;

– the complete absence of any censorship;

– high-quality Russian-language localization.

– Corrupted Kingdoms will appeal not only to anime fans but also to all fans of 18+ games

Unveiling the Evil Within

In Corrupted Kingdoms, you assume the role of an evil corporate monster, driven by a hidden agenda that seeks to assert control and manipulate the realm to your advantage. Your ultimate goal is to enrich yourself and your allies by corrupting and subverting the assembly of the kingdom. To achieve this, you’ll leverage your horde of minions, employing various forms of “persuasion” to increase your power and orchestrate backroom deals that secure your dominance over the realm.

Choosing Your Path to Domination

At the outset of the game, each player selects a fantasy corporation from a diverse range of options. Will you align yourself with the mighty Dragons, the enigmatic Sorcerers, the towering Giants, the mysterious Witches, the immortal Vampires, or the relentless Orcs? Each corporation possesses unique strengths and abilities that can greatly influence your strategic approach.

Furthermore, players must also decide on a Hidden Agenda, a guiding force that shapes their nefarious plans. Every replay of the game will be unique and captivating thanks to Corrupted Kingdoms’ added layer of depth. Your chosen Hidden Agenda will operate as a compass, directing your strategies and actions as you maneuver through the complex web of power and deceit.

Harnessing the Power of Minions

In Corrupted Kingdoms, minions are the lifeblood of your operation. They are the loyal workforce that executes your will and helps you achieve your malevolent objectives. You can start the game, and choose your favorite minions, such as zombies, demons, goblins, or golems, all characters have unique powers and attributes.

You’ll strategically arrange your minions around the game to influence the realm’s coalition of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes. Through cunning tactics and clever manipulation, you’ll propose bills, engage in lobbying efforts, and acquire ostentatious luxuries to sway the politicians who claim to represent the people. Your goal is to bend the realm to your will, ensuring your nefarious legislation becomes law while you plunder the kingdom and its inhabitants of their wealth.

Exercising Influence and Navigating the Realm

To emerge victorious in Corrupted Kingdoms, you must master the art of influence and navigate the intricate political landscape of the realm. Here are some key strategies to keep in mind:

1. Lobbying and Persuasion: Use your minions strategically to sway key decision-makers in the assembly. Lobby for bills that align with your hidden agenda, employing persuasive tactics to ensure your proposals gain traction among the politicians.

2. Acquire Luxuries and Favours: Grease the wheels of corruption by acquiring lavish luxuries and favors for politicians. These ostentatious offerings can secure their loyalty and compel them to further your cause, allowing you to push your nefarious legislation through the assembly with ease.

3. Exploit Rivalries: Exploit existing rivalries and divisions among the united kingdoms to your advantage. Manipulate the political landscape by pitting factions against each other, fostering chaos that benefits your quest for power

Corrupted Kingdoms Download APK for Android

Corrupted Kingdoms Download

If you are an Android user? and looking for Corrupted Kingdoms Download APK on your Android mobile, Android Box & tablet? follow our guide to download & install the app.

– Locate the Download button on this page of and click on it.

– You will be directed to the APK download page to download the latest version.

– Click on “Download APK Free” to start downloading.APK File.

– APK file directly download to your Android Device.

– Locate the downloaded .apk file on your device and click on it for install.

– Permission will be required to install as “UNKNOWN Source”.

– Give permission to install as an Unknown source to complete the installation of App.

That’s it. Enjoy the app


Can I Download Corrupted Kingdoms Mod For Free?

Yes, you can download the Corrupted Kingdoms Mod apk for Android for free. Here we tell you that downloading hacked Android apps is free. This modded app offers premium features, resources, cheats, and unlocked currency. How to download free mod apps for pc and android.

How I Download Corrupted Kingdoms Latest Version?

If you are using an older version on Your Mobile device, you will need to Uninstall it first. Now You can now download Corrupted Kingdoms APK latest Version from and install it on your mobile device.

Can I Install Corrupted Kingdoms on PC?

There are so many games and apps available for Android and iOS devices. Many users want to install on PC, if you are also one of them then you should install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks on your PC to run Android applications. Bluestack is software that runs all Android and iOS apps on PC.


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