8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Mod APK v5.14.11 (Hack long line, Unlimited Money)

8 Ball Pool Mod APK is a popular pool game published by Miniclip. 8 Ball Pool is a popular online multiplayer billiards simulation game developed by Miniclip. The game is available on a variety of pla

Android Android Sports
4.5 ( 469 ratings )
Price: $0
Name 8 Ball Pool
Publisher Miniclip com
Genre Sports
Size 114M
Version 5.14.11
MOD Long Lines, Unlimited Money
8 Ball Pool is the most famous version in the 8 Ball Pool series of publisher Miniclip com
Mod Version 5.14.11
Total installs 500,000,000+
Content Rating Everyone
January 7, 2024

Long Lines, Unlimited Money

8 Ball Pool Mod APK is a popular pool game published by Miniclip. 8 Ball Pool is a popular online multiplayer billiards simulation game developed by Miniclip. The game is available on a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, and allows players to compete against each other in virtual 8-ball pool matches.

In 8 Ball Pool Mod, players control a cue stick and use it to hit balls into the pockets on a virtual pool table. The objective is to sink all of the balls in your designated group (either stripes or solids), and then sink the 8-ball to win the game. The game features a range of play modes, including 1-on-1 matches, tournaments, and various mini-games.

8 Ball Pool Long line Hack Version is widely regarded as one of the best online multiplayer pool games available and has a large and active community of players. If you’re a fan of pool or billiards, this game is definitely worth checking out!

ke never before, the game attracts a lot. If you are passionate about billiards, you should try this game at least once. Specifically, the 8 ball pool hack long line MOD APK version gives you the opportunity to become a real gamer.

8 Ball Pool Mod GamePlay

8 Ball Pool Gameplay

8 Ball pool APK Mod is one of the most popular pool games played worldwide on Mobile. Choose your favorite table, invite your friends online and win the Pool challenge. You can earn unlimited coins. In the 8 Ball Pool hack mod, you will get free unlimited money and premium cues.

The rules of the game are similar to those of real billiards. There are a total of 15 balls on the table, and you and your opponent get 7 balls. The player’s job is to use the magic wand to push all the objects he has into the hole. If you complete this task, you will be a winner and receive enough prizes.

In the beginning, players were used to the simple 1v1 game mode. Before the game starts, both parties bet one coin. The rules of the game cannot be changed. The difficulty is therefore the same at all levels. If you miss the last ball, you are still lost.

8 Ball online is a billiard application that allows you to play various billiard games with other players connected to the Internet at the same time online with AI.

It is a very popular game that has already collected more than 20 million downloads and become the latest app pool for Android. People looking for a pool game on Android will still be amazed to see this game after almost 15 years, but it’s just an awesome game! Explore all you can with 8 ball pool hack long line!

8 Ball Pool Features

Advanced Physics. This game lets you play billiards while enjoying very great physics that perfectly simulates real physics. The movement of the ball when you hit it with the racket will be exactly like what happens in real life, which has been confirmed by many professional pool players. Moreover, this game has only developed in the last decade to continuously improve its performance.

Online game. As you get better, you’ll want to compete with other players for more fun. Lucky for you, 8 Ball Pool has added an extensive online mode so you can play single games or tournaments against other opponents from around the world! You can win prizes and compete with other players who are exactly the same level as you, so the game is more balanced. They really don’t want to start competing with more experienced players.

Unlimited Coins

Do you love playing 8 Ball pool? If yes, then you must be well aware of the importance of coins in this game. Coins are the lifeline of this game and all the players want to have an unlimited supply of them. It is not easy to get these coins without spending money, and even if you are an exceptional player, you might not be able to win enough coins.

However, you can now avail yourself the opportunity to get unlimited coins for free with the help of 8 ball pool mod APK. This mod APK provides you with free coins and other resources to help you become the best player. No more wasting your money, just grab this opportunity and enjoy the game with an unlimited supply of coins.

Challenge Your Friends

Challenge your friends. But what happens to pool if you can’t challenge your friends to play against them? One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is that you can play one game against your friends from your contact list, so you can invite whoever you want for a quick game as if you were at a bar. Don’t worry about the delay, it won’t affect you at all! Are you ready to play

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Walkthrough

A long line of sightings (Long trajectory)

When playing 8 Ball Pool, a long trajectory is an important feature that can give you an edge over your opponents. This feature allows you to aim and shoot in a particular direction with precision and accuracy. This gives you a greater chance of sinking the ball and winning the game.

Guidance of Game

The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK provides endless guidance and tips for both new and experienced players. This mod provides an extensive tutorial that covers all aspects of the game. It also provides useful tips and strategies to help you become a better player.

AntiBan (Anti Cheat)

This APK is antiban and anticheat, so you can play without worrying about being banned from the game. This ensures you can play the game with peace of mind, and you dont have to worry about being unfairly punished due to cheating.


In conclusion, 8 Ball Pool APK is a popular and well-regarded online multiplayer billiards game that offers players the chance to compete against each other in virtual 8-ball matches. The game is available on a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, and features a range of play modes, including 1-on-1 matches, tournaments, and mini-games. If you’re a fan of pool or billiards, 8 Ball Pool is definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I download 8 Ball Pool Hack Mod for Free?

Yes, you can download 8 ball pool hack long line Mod apk for Android for free. Here we tell you that Downloading hacked apps on Android is free. This modded app offers you Mods money, premium unlocked features, resources, cheats, and currency. So you can download app Mods free on PC and Android.

How to Update 8 Ball Pool with the Latest Version?

If you are using an old version on your Android device then, you have to delete it first. Now you can download the Latest Version from Quickapks.com and install it. If you want to try updating apps directly from Google Play Store, you can update it. Go to the Play Store apps page and click on the update button.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool for PC Windows?

You can install Android apps on Windows PC and Laptops easily. You just need an Android emulator Like Bluestacks. Install this emulator on pc. Now Download Apk for PC from quickapks.com and save apk file. Open the emulator and go for import external apk file, locate and upload apk file and click on install it.

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